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Today's attempts to be useful and productive turned into watching more of season 2 of Agent Carter in order to fiddle with the TV settings and get used to things.
I found how to favourites channels but the guide seems unaffected, though I worked out how the info button works. There appear to be many more channels than there were on the old TV, which seems odd. I fiddled with the picture settings but ended up putting them all back. And I wondered which things were the DVDs and not the TV, so I stared at bits of lots of channels... which all look terrible at this size. I don't know, the technology of the future is not kind to older things.

I don't know what I think of Agent Carter. So far it is about her not/dating people? I don't care who she is dating or not so I keep wondering what else I could do with those minutes. Have her talk to women? Mrs Jarvis is excellent but I miss Angie. I mean, she's an actress and they're in actress world, it wouldn't exactly be difficult.

Things seem comic book in a funny extreme way.

I don't know, if this was the first season it wouldn't have grabbed me yet.

Why isn't she in charge yet?

Also why do lights have rainbow rings around them and is it my settings or the discs?

my concentration is not the most focussed.

I wanted to get more done today but I need help with communication tasks and available help is out of spoons. Employed help is evenings only, and you can't communicate after closing. I need a better plan.

Or to just communicate poorly and hope it works out, but that has... disadvantages.

The new TV being so much more reflective means I need a proper darkness curtain now, or to continue putting up with a view with a stripe. I've arranged the old TV to block as much light as practical but a blind to go actually in the window will work better. Why shiny reflective is the way forwards I don't know. Very annoying.

... I am grumpy. My opinions are made of grump. Don't kind me.

I'm going to go read.

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