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I listened to a Torchwood audio, the one with Queen Victoria.
I feel I should have liked it better, except I'm busy being frustrated with technology.

The little handheld games thingy is going back, it's too annoying and boring.
And the new box I played the Torchwood CD on is... not optimal. The old box could change the display so it was blank while playing music. This one has a screen saver instead. Except the screensaver is rubbish and has a still background, so I don't see how that's supposed to help.

I don't know if it would always be like that or if there's ways to change the settings so it just goes blank. There's ways to turn the TV off and play music through attached speakers, so that's probably what they expect you to do. But I haven't attached speakers.

I think I'm going to play with the sound settings a lot though. Probably turn the bass up? I don't know what's not quite the thing, but it's definitely not quite something.

It's super frustrating having new stuff that's supposed to be better but you don't yet like.

The actual plot of the Torchwood adventure had Her Majesty running around having adventures and talking to the immortal man about getting old. So it has ingredients I'd usually consider interesting. But between upstairs doing something that sounds annoying and the audio settings being a thing and the stupid tiny stuff like the way the recorder box no longer displays the time so I put a battery in the TARDIS and now it ticks... I'm just too niggly irritated to have opinions on Torchwood today.

Also today was another two hour phone conversation with mum. So that was interesting. Though I feel like we both need more people to talk to.

I shall go find something to do that is not annoying.
... or not the same sort of annoying...

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