beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Little handheld sega retro games thing has arrived and been played.
... should have bought the cheaper one. That way I could relearn I don't actually like them without having spent quite as much.

Also there's a thing on the screen, think it's a dent or something, not best.

A lot of the frustration is that the instructions for things like eternal champions and mortal kombat just say abc xyz is three different strengths of punch and kick. pretty sure they have special attacks and so forth too? but not in this instruction book.

plus some of them are just frustratingly bad. how did I ever play golden axe? you walk off the edge of things and can never tell if you're in line with the stupid bad guys. and every time you get a mount you get knocked down again.

also I'm just bad at games now. the dexterity trainer to test your timing? so bad at it.

also also and probably the gripping hand, now I feel nauseous. I thought that was a 3d movement thing, but no, tiny pixels games are making me feel nauseous.

so. experiment in handheld retro gaming: ugh.

maybe my brother will like it.

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