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and another werewolf bunny

or, okay, more of the same one currently under a friends lock of shame

a trans man werewolf
actually kind of pissed off that the available modes of shapeshifting do not include the parts he personally would really prefer
but kind of very into this getting really tall and hairy stuff.

and this seems kind of random without the springboard of the Flash canon and fanfic that inspired me

separated at birth twins, so he has a twin sister
who is also at least potentially a werewolf

and they've been raised by feuding families, each of them believing that's their birth family
and really bitterly unable to believe any data to the contrary
because that's just what those guys would say.

so many layers of familial angst and bitterness.

and it seems like identical twins would have an issue with the other changing without them
but really obviously shouldn't

... but I don't want to write a creepy twins story because horror does that waaaaaay too much.

... there are so many ways for story to go wrong in the creepy insensitive way.

So I want these two feuding werewolf families to resolve their differences by at least some of them forming a new family from a much wider range of people. found family to fix birth family problems.

but I also was noodling having werewolf arranged marriages? Like, if they have hereditary werewolves, but they're trying to keep quiet about it, then they'd try and keep it small, but they'd have to get real careful about bloodlines and stuff.

So if one guy had his marriage arranged to the cis gender girl twin, for reasons of genetics, and then turns out to actually like their genetically identical trans guy twin better, and hey, marrying them would heal this whole argument... that's like a solid start. but since I was thinking Flash I was thinking Eddie and Iris and Barry, so there's a few extra twists to get out of that one. Arranged poly marriage, not the usual trope. Though I probably want to leave out the foster siblings bit. (dear flash canon: whyyyyyyyy)

But if a sudden event led to a whole bunch of new werewolves and a much higher public profile, some of the old families would have to react and adjust, maybe d things mew ways. And some would just reach out to the newbies. And there'd be an incentive for a culture change.

Werewolf trans man starting a new kind of pack that is much more inclusive.

that's a solid hook for a plot.

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