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I win at shopping

At least I hope I win at shopping. I bought two shirts and two pairs of trousers, but they're actually the same pair of trousers in two shades, grey and black, because I tried on Manu trousers and these ones fit good enough.

Bon Marche has things clearly labelled with trouser length and has many different lengths of things. Several fabrics were acceptable too. So I'm hoping I'll still like these two later.

I also went to Argos to buy a games thing but it will be delivered tomorrow. I figure either I'll like it or my brother will. Sega games that are ancient but who cares as long as they're playable.

This makes this week a Very Busy, because I went Outside on three different days, two of them not in the routine. But with any luck at all I now have trousers that will go on on all the days and sit down and everything. I hope. And if I don't I have receipts and a plan.

... the things that count as an exciting week around here...

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