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Legends of Tomorrow

Pondering the emotional beats on Legends of Tomorrow
I can see how the writers are dragging us around by the feels
but I don't quite see why.

Maybe it'll make more sense after the finale.

But I just vaguely thought it also makes sense if they think their bad guys are bad guys, no matter what they do. If that's the case then the story is like a different set of PTB kept trying to push with Spike, where he's the bad boyfriend, the violent one who will be violent to you, forever and ever no matter what.

I mean, there's a point in there. A lot of people get warm and fuzzy about characters who straight up kill people when they're jealous or just bored. It's a failure mode induced by extreme hotness plus apparent emotional availability/vulnerability. Feels happen, and then little things like murder get overlooked. And sometimes you want to underline that nope, that is not a good guy. Like with Skye and the nazi.

But when you've had the 'bad guy' literally die to save others, or the other 'bad guy' save the team over and over after volunteering to die to save them, it's ... rude, to push the idea they are in fact bad guys, forever and ever.

I mean, they're playing with time travel, so it's certainly more dramatic to bring the older version in and have him be more bad and murdery than the one we got used to.

But his poor sod of a partner is just getting his heart broken. Why do that?

Either they're going to fix it, or, they think they're both bad guys.

Which involves applying epic double standards in a world where team 'good guy' also has a body count, but, that can happen.

In other Legends of Tomorrow based news, from what I've read about episodes I still haven't seen:

The Legion pick up Len from right after he gets the cold gun, before he gave the heat gun to Mick.

So Mick never chose him.

Not so much as “Yeah buddy, I’m in.”

Certainly not being offered the out and burning $25 million to stay with Len. (when have we destroyed anything we’ve stolen)

Then what Len remembers is saying they were finished.

If so, from where he’s standing, he has every reason to believe Mick would choose his new crew over him, and no emotional understanding of what Mick has been through, given the last he knew they were split up.

Add to that the conversations - and fights - he doesn’t know they had that renegotiated Mick’s role when Mick felt Len went too far?

“I’m the brains. You’re the muscle. That’s how it’s always been.”

Without those memories he’d walk into exactly the same blowups from exactly the same insecurities.

Which isn’t the emotional beats we were hoping for at all.

I know there's always fanfic, but I dislike having to apply it vigorously, when characters have damn well earned a happy.

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