beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

you know what I don't get about complaints of immigrants coming here for free healthcare?
people just say that and expect you to be annoyed
that people who are ill are being made healthy.

I mean, if they had to travel from another continent to get healthcare, they were probably in real need of healthcare.

Making people healthy is a good thing.

Yes I realise the part of the problem not stated is the long term underfunding of the NHS and the ongoing lack of resources and staff shortages
but without immigrants the whole thing would have ground to a halt long since
in no small part because of education policy over about a generation
and NHS funding is only one corner on a complex interlock of NHS, social care, and actually helping people enough they can get on with their lives and keep the money going round and round
and we really need to start talking structural stuff and numbers and proportions.

But no.

The root complaint is always, they come here and get well.


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