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First Nope of these magazines

Started reading Asimovs, and on the first story found the first one I'm not going to read. by Will McIntosh

It starts with a guy being contacted by a woman through a dating website where you have to pay to reply, and spending a money to email her.

And from there there's only so many places the story can go. So I got a couple pages in, discovered his ex was a computer programmer, and figured, the dating website girl is going to be an AI.

Flicked through looking for the ending.


And as I flicked through there was one false rape accusation and he was all shocked and wounded and he got beat up and he warned the AI girl about the consequences of false rape accusations and...

look, I can see how it's interesting to posit that the subset of spam used as bait on dating websites could develop true intelligence, what with the intensive interaction they're crafted for, I can see how that could be a story.

But it's not the story of the men who want to date them.

So with the story elements already seen, over eager man, false accusation, escalating story like every other crazy ex story where the only twist is she has no body?


Just not going there.

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