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Analog march/april 2017

Just finished reading the last story in this month's Analog.
Plaisir D'Amour, John Alfred Taylor.
It... seems very old school to me, and I was unsurprised to find the author started reading Analog when it was Astounding.
It's about a sociologist studying a mining ship full of genetically altered humans. He falls in love with a woman with four hands and knows it's doomed from the start.
... the thing is, once you've read... I think it's "The girl thing who went out for sushi"? Google says it's from 2012. It's also about humans using genetic technology to adapt to microgravity and outer space, only they adapt a whole lot more of themselves. So after that the idea of a woman with hands instead of feet seems unambitious.
It's also a puzzler that a tech level that could make them in the first place would leave reproduction between a baseline and celestial human any great problem.
I mean I'm expecting the future where you could transform into a celestial if you want to be a participant observer, so I'm puzzled why the difference seems an unsurmountable obstacle at all.
And then the story proceeds as a gentle tour of the ship, with few challenges, and nothing the point of view guy really does, except provide a groundling translation of this society that never really surprised me enough to need translation.
It's competent enough, but I'd expect it in a back issue. Plenty of wow we're in space, but to me it felt rather For Beginners.
Which feels rude to type. Sorry.
It's a very nice space civilisation where women and men talk about their work and do dancing on feast day. It's a nice story.
I just didn't really feel the feels, because I'm puzzled at the basics of how they're even starcrossed. Seemed like the real problems were just them having jobs that travel in different ways.

Analog so far is readable, but not wow this month.
There was plenty I liked, but I had to go check the contents page to remember that, because nothing grabbed me and stuck around.

Still, plenty of readable stories and some good bits is plenty to get out of a magazine. I shall see what next issue turns up.

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