beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I just went through every drawer in the house trying to find my tape measure.
I mean logically not every everywhere, or I'd have found it, unless I somehow threw it out somewhen.
But everywhere I could think of.

Next time I am going to buy two and put one in my handbag and one in the sewing kit as all logic suggests I intended.

But for right now I have none
and so no idea which of the lovely dagger pattern waistcoat sizes I need.


But I know which colors I need. All. And not just because they're all black. This time I will have black and red and purple and when fashion unaccountably fails to provide dagger print waistcoats in the future I will still be able to make these last for ages.

And I did discover a still sealed snack stash that, judging by the sell by dates, I packed somewhat before the last time I visited the UEA library. Which was before I left college. Which was in 2013.

So that's a useful and cleanly bit of searching.

Albeit somewhat overdue.

And my UEA library book bag contained several smaller bags and a spare pair of dancing shoes, so that'll be handy.

... how is it I own so much Stuff but not the Stuff I am looking for whenever I look for it?

Ah well, steady progress, that'll do eventually.

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