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Do you ever stop to think how utterly terrifying it would be to live in the DCU?

... it's nearly four in the morning and I have a headache, I have been thinking many things...

But like, all the things that we can argue about and treat as vague philosophical discussion? They live with.

There are real, actual, literal demons that can make real actual crossroads deals that can be sealed by someone else on accident. Lighting a candle can damn someone's soul to hell. Pissing about with statues can send your entire team to hell. Hell is real and half your heroes have been there. And that one guy that could raise the dead? And turned out to just be summoning demons? So anyone that had been dead you'd have a devil of a time sorting out who or what came back

but there are enough shapeshifters around you already have a problem wondering who exactly you're talking to.

and enough costumed vigilantes around that some of your best mates you maybe don't actually technically know what they look like, and it can turn out that your mentor is actually one of his archenemies with big brass ones and a tendency to cosplay.

and there are real, actual, literal gods. like, possibly all of them. definitely the Norse and Greek pantheons, and a bunch of others are around somewhere. And there's beings like the Spirit of Vengeance. And just... deities, all over the place, getting in fights, on TV, so everyone knows. They are all real. Really what is the only remaining argument.

choosing to be an atheist remains defensible, but you might have to defend it to the deities in question.

and as far a anyone can tell there are heavens? and assorted afterlives? that people come back from. that are not hell. like, people can break out of hell, I feel I did not mention that fact fully enough, because there is literally no prison that can hold the worst of the worst in the DCU, killing some of them just slows them down or possibly gives them a chance to network. But killing some of the good guys maybe possibly involves making them gods? Definitely they can hang out with gods. who can have missions for them. And Diana was Goddess of Truth at one point. And even the regular heroes apparently get to hang out together in a good place? According to the ones that come back.

... just the basic fact that death is a revolving door for only certain kinds of people is just... well, that would fill up a lot of four in the mornings.

And the powers! I know we're used to them, but, seriously. Powers! All over the place! Randomly being developed, or being pursued. And complicating hell out of absolutely everything.

And that's without getting into Darkseid, who is kind of levelled up badness, depending who does the writing.

I mean no wonder they write comedies about it, because played straight, it's horror all the way down.

And then how do you figure out correct ways to act when the cause and effect is all over the map like that?

I can see how the monotheists stick with their course, but it's probably tougher, given how flashy the alternatives can be.

And magic. Like, people who actually think they can learn enough of the rules to get at the levers, in a system that complex.

I mean, the last refuge of hope in the whole thing is that the rules reward the good and there's always a way through, but there's always another battle as well, so.

Living in one of those universes... yikes.

But then, right, there's the fact we do have these discussions and ideas here. and people for millennia have wondered and been pretty sure all the gods and other sorts are for reals. and everything in the DCU is only meant to be a regular problem dressed up. so then there is entirely too much thinking, starting with how people can indeed entirely screw over someone else's existence without knowing or noticing. and then it's just...

four in the morning.

entirely too four in the morning.

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