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If I was writing I'd write this

Got a whole plot bunny from spoiler pictures, from a show I can't watch until it's out on DVD, of an episode next week, so it won't work after next week and very probably doesn't work now since all I know is tumblr gif sets.


Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Legion of Doom, Spear of Destiny, and the Oculus

At first Mick thinks Len is just his hallucination again. Still. This happens.
He'll wait until they're definitely alone to tell him he loves him, this time.

But then Len walks into the church, and Rip says "Mr Snart?"

And Mick says "You can see him"

And suddenly all those offers to come away with Len take on a different meaning
and suddenly they're all Mick needs in all of time.

So. Leaving with a temporal aberration. That's not going to go well.
Except Mick has the Spear of Destiny, so the Legion of Doom get to do their grand plan, and Mick figures he doesn't care, because he's got his partner back.

So he's back in central stealing stuff with Snart, and starts out happy as he gets, but...

Everyone's wrong.

Their lives, their choices, they've been stripped away from them.

Been there, done that.

And the world isn't exactly set up to their specifications. If the others had a hand in it, there's a way higher level of control than a thief would want. Even if the two of them can do as they will, there's not exactly much room for anyone else.

So Len and Mick in a warehouse safehouse, all their favourite things around, piles of money... and it's not enough. It's never going to be enough.

And this is Len who never went on the Waverider, so he gets it if the problem is not enough challenge, but this? Mick isn't sure. But he tries to explain.

"When the Time Pigs had me, they rewrote me. Got in my head. Changed how I felt about everything." About Len. But they don't talk about feelings, right? But Mick's had practice talking feelings lately. But he's trying to say. "What the Legion did, they did to everyone. Split them upl changed them around, made them their soldiers. And they did it to set up the world like this." And this, locally, is the rich stuff, but outside? "Len, we built a prison."

"So lets burn it down."

... would it be that easy? To turn him against the others, sure, but then if they get the spear back, what are they planning to do with it? Mick's dream world is one they stopped off in once, crime and fire far as eye can see. Mick did not really think that dream through, but that was how he was then. Now? Give him Len back and he's got everything that matters.

Setting things back in their chosen places? Means Len making his choice at the Oculus.

Past Len without knowledge of how time travel works just figures they have a do over. They throw in the spear, he takes a different path this time.

Mick knows more. Mick's pretty sure that's not going to work.

... so really, why would he throw out grand cosmic power? Most people would just trust themselves to use it better.

... Mick Rory, accidental killer of his family, pyromaniac, mentally ill, hallucinating his dead partner, and really kind of marginal on the whole staying alive thing? Has *really good reasons* not to trust himself.

So, he'd give it to Len?

Keep it and be a target forever, scatter the parts and the whole damn scavenger hunt happens over again. Reset the timeline and throw it in the Oculus? No more problem, nothing left to defend.

... I mean I feel he'd still want to dragon horde it, but, I want a story where Len trusts Mick's judgement more than Mick does. So.

Besides, it's a xtian artefact, say Len isn't and that adds some to making it go boom.

So Len and Mick together, somewhere in the Vanishing point, above the ongoing time/less explosion that used to be the Oculus.

Mick looks in and it's the first time he's seen it since Len died. That's his pure. And he doesn't see a way around it.

So he turns to past!Len and he kisses him like the world's ending and he says he can't do this. And he doesn't mean throw the spear away. He means live, without him.

And this is Buffy and Dawn above the portal time, this is the hardest thing in this world is to live in it, and Len needs to talk Mick into living. Into wanting to live. Important. Big moment. Because otherwise he's going to want to change time and throw himself in the explosion instead, like he tried to the first time, like he's been trying to since. Len needs to make a better winning speech than ever.

... I don't know what I'd write, but I'd love to read it.

And then Mick has to throw away their chance and let everything go back. Past!Len included.

... I'm pretty sure this is Frodo time and Gollum needs to turn up now, because who could even?

So who or what needs to make a grab for it, fall in, and burn forever?

But if someone tries I can see the super tragic way where Mick promises to live and then falls in anyway and all he's thinking about is living...

Screen goes Oculus fire...

And fades to black.

Interior, warehouse, night.

Probably the same dusty one Mick and Len started out in at the start of the show.

So Mick has all his old stuff and his old life, and he's like *big sighs and bad faces*, and he doesn't want to look because why bother? But he promised he would, so he gets up and... probably lights something on fire rather than turn on a light.

And Len tells him off to be more careful.

Mick thinks he's brain!Len and grumbles he's being careful, he promised, didn't he?

And Len is like what? Just keep it down, he had a bad day, getting blown up and all... and hey, where's Gideon? He could use the med bay about now...

Real Len! Post Oculus! Big celebrate!

... I mean Mick might need to triple check he's real before getting carried away, but, that's a neat plot excuse for him making Len get dressed and dragging him out to STAR labs or somewhere the Legends might be, and only then in front of everyone

kissing him like the world's begun again.


Happy endings, everyone exists again, happily ever after

... in a probably crime all up and down time sort of way...

I would just sometimes like it if being a hero lead to an improved situation and some visible rewards. otherwise it's all propaganda for team evil, who often seem to have actual fun.

If I could write and had any idea of the not a gif bits of plot this year I still couldn't write this before it got jossed.

But still.

In my head it's epic.

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