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Strong female characters

I feel a lot of arguments could be more productive if everyone agreed

strong female characters

means both strength of character and strength of punching people, necessarily female.

like, the argument that goes 'she's a strong character because she punches people' is at best incomplete, but when I say I want more strong women I also mean I look forwards to seeing muscles.

Because we are in need of women being varied and well rounded humans who are the equal of men in every way, and sometimes that means punching things.

Punching things is not sufficient.

But neither is being always the thinky one while the men fight.

Every time I find a bunch of good shows in a row I figure we don't need to even say that bit anymore, but then I end up in a room where a male author starts off by saying female characters are more interesting because they can't fight, and, well, the argument is back.

I'd like to start with parity. Equal numbers of men and women. Not just nearly equal, though two out of five is clearly better than one out of four. Actually equal. And if a script comes in that isn't equal, just flip someone at random.

... and realise that math leaves out nonbinary people entirely, but they could add as many nonbinary people as they liked without unbalancing the script, and they'd solve the odd numbers...

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