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Still on ANALOG march/april 2017

James C Glass, Time Heals
A time travel story where someone goes back in time to kill their abusive stepfather, then changes his mind when he sees he was abused as a kid too. The 'happy' ending is him taking the guy who hit him some nice things to read in hospital.
Honestly I just find it deeply offensive. I mean, many people get hit without turning into abusers or murderers, and the available responses aren't 'seething hatred you just can't carry' vs 'actually be nice to the prick'. I mean even forgiveness doesn't mean go talk to them again. You can just call it All Done and move on. You owe your abuser nothing.
With the time travel rules it chose you can't change the past. So I guess it's meant to be about letting go of the past and moving on with the now. Which is fair enough.
And with the liking books and all then its clearly meant to be about empathy for people who went through the same thing.
But I don't like the options it presented. You don't have to be nice to someone who hit you. It matters not one damn if they're the only father you've got. Let it go and move on.

Adam-Troy Castro & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Shakesville
Another time travel story, this time where fifty alternate futures travel back to warn themself, but only one of them was ever true.
I found it kind of nothingy. It ducked out. Boring.

And I'm still like half way through. And F&SF arrived today too, so I have two more whole magazines after this one. This subscribing thing is magic.

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