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Analog, two more stories

I picked up my computer to go yaay about a story

Europa's Survivors, by Marianne J Dyson
A woman with terminal cancer goes to Europa to spend whatever time she has left studying radiation resistant bacteria. But an accident as she lands endangers both the bacteria and her mentor. She sets out to make a daring rescue, but the radiation may end her studies before they properly begin. Will she survive long enough to unlock the secrets of alien life?
Well yes, but with lots of interesting twists and bumps and worldbuilding details along the way. I liked it plenty, and ended feeling happy and cheerful and wanting to share the yaay.

But my computer was auto updating, so I put it down and read the next short story while I waited.

Eli's Coming, by Catherine Wells
A time travel story about Masada.
... I am not a fan of 'everyone dies' as an ending, let alone a real historical ending.
Now my eyes are doing the big staring thing and I am not happy.
Trigger warnings for terminally bad things happening to a lot of Jewish men, women, and children.
I mean the time travel bit was a sting in the tail, but really, history really sucked for some people.

I will be reading some more tonight, but not I think from this magazine. I'm going back to where I know the genre and the ending. Possibly sticking with the happy ending kisses subsections.

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