beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Today was both useful and educational.

I did Cleaner Day, including the vacuum cleanering.
Because I got all full up of feelings and had to step away from the reading of things for a bit, and was annoyed enough I decided to express feels with loud thing, so, vacuum cleaner.

I also read a whole bunch of new to me stuff about population, and that was interesting, even if I did eventually decide that the solution to Wrong In The Magazine is broadly the same as Wrong On The Internet, ie go have a food and calm down.

I seem to have extra Feels about ANALOG magazine though. It was the one dad read, and that made it weird reading it again, even though he's been gone for about twenty years and it's just science fiction. Whether or not I end up liking it is somehow a Thing, beyond whatever qualities the stories may have, like getting in a discussion with him again.

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