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I am so tired of stories where the only issue they have is self esteem and nobody asking.
I mean I do get the appeal of the whole you were beautiful all along bit, but, seriously, I have read a bazillion of those stories, and given that everybody involved looks like literal movie stars, they're freaking ridiculous.

And it's not like canon doesn't give them actual meaty stuff to work through. Stuff is all over canon. Trust issues and lying for a living and we're not who we are and whole stacks of mental health problems both new and lasting and lifelong, and disabilities same, and on top of all that political differences and being in different minority groups and not really groking each other's experience, and whole stacks of events where you kind of have to fix their universe before you can get them to happily ever after.

But no.

They just never said because they're insecure.

The story you could tell with literally every person in the world with a little tweakage.

Why are we telling it Yet Again with these two?

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