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Ate a food, watched a movie.

The not-cheese doesn't taste good and now I feel vaguely nauseous. Not a success. blergh.

And the 36th Chamber of Shaolin is a bit boring. I watched it on fast forward quite a lot and it was still tediously slow. It's not about people, really, the only characterisation is 'angry man', and it's not about monks even if there is a bit where they laugh at him for not understanding about Buddha. It's just one angry dude proving he is most tough by doing stupid training exercises that would kill most of the students. I mean there's a whole training chamber dedicated to headbutting hanging bags until you collapse a few times and then over months somehow learn how to not do that, without dying. It's ridiculous. And as for the one with the arm knives... I mean, carrying buckets with your arms out as far as they will go seems like a reasonable training exercise, but strapping knives to your inner arms so you stab yourself every time you get tired is just a way to lose a lot of students. The side of things that's doing small repetitive things until they get a specific sort of strong, fair enough. The bonus torturing themselves to get there, really stupid. So I watched it, but it's just a lot of blah in a row really.

I like better when they're doing ordinary everyday tasks and they add up to martial arts training. Makes much more sense.

Knives in your sides isn't going to make anyone stronger.
Especially pre antibiotics.

I realise the point is all the grrr toughness, but it's very boring to watch two hours of that, and then have him go out saying he's a monk, on the excuse that Buddha fights evil. Like, yeah, but on the whole, not like that.

I need different martial arts movies instead, maybe.

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