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20 years of Buffy

The thing is, about all I can think is, since when did I have twenty years of adult life? Surely I'm not old enough for this?
... it's not like I'm looking at forty from here...

I have about a bazillion tabs open right now because everyone is saying something col about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And it was a game changing feminist excellence, for all its flaws.

But for me it was fandom and friends and the first few years of my degree, including getting the message board for the Soulful Spike Society unblocked because I was doing cultural studies and we were there studying proper cultural texts.

... also because the random pep talks and cheerleading were on occasion how I got through the day, and the early years of the course.

Highlander was my first convention going fandom, and Highlander saved my life, but Buffy was the convention after that, and many more. And it saved my life at least as much. A number of three in the mornings have been survived with the help of Spike singing.

And as for the possibilities that opened up for all that thinking about Ethan Rayne...

... and all my icons from this great feminist show are blokes, which says something about me, but Willow and Tara, Faith's arc, Buffy standing up and saying hell can choke on her, and everyone who can stand up, will stand up...

those are the stories that get you through the dark.

So, now we just need to get on with making something that's twenty years better...

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