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Naomi Novik, Blood of Tyrants

Amnesia fic, yaay!
This one had the emotional zings, both the 'I'd choose you even though I don't remember why' (Temeraire) and the 'one glance and it all comes back to him' (Tenzing). Quite satisfying :-)

The only problem was that was the middle of the book, and I don't quite see how the back half is the same book as the front. I mean they still had some emotional work to do, and Temeraire makes some personal progress in understanding the whole duty honor loyalty riches conundrum, and I see how rushing off to do what T wanted them to do was quite the necessary thing, it's just it splits into pieces by geography and has such a down ending it didn't quite feel all one thing.

But the next book is the last, so of course it has to be the darkest before dawn act.


I do like the politics a lot, the way dragons live different ways beside humans, and how the economics of living with large predators has so much to do with it, and the way it can reflect on power relations closer to home. It's nifty how food technologies make so much difference. This is some properly thought through science fiction, this is, just in a historical au with dragons.

I am waiting to see how it ends, because at this point it is going to be a tough sell that they were ever on the right side... which, you know, Britain, is a thing.

I have the next book right here and whole numbers of hours free to read it. :-)

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