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things take doing

I started writing up a con report for Redemption but forgot how much time it can take, so one afternoon later, many typing, none finished.

I also emailed Analog and Asimov's, wondering where my magazines were at. Apparently because I subscribed after the jan/feb issue had gone out I don't start with that one. And it can take 12 weeks for international delivery. So I can expect my first issues by 13th April.
... which was not quite how I was expecting it to work, and not how F&SF worked, so already that one is ahead on points. But okays.

After that I'll have new reading at regular intervals.
But I'm back to remembering why ebooks are a bit win.
Even while my unreadable file reminds me why also a bit lose.

If I start looking at the eve lengthening to do list I'll just get depressed.
the ones requiring i use the phone are forever getting put off until after everywhere is shut anyway.
but is fine, it's just the getting rid of the piano task, that will certainly be here later.

I don't know how people manage a works as well as all this. My days are full when there's only books to read and basic household tasks to keep up with.
'But hey, still got a stack of unread books, even without counting the inherited ones. :-)

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