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Redemption: the best bits

On the Sunday I asked people what was the best bit of Redemption. I asked mostly in the bar before the party started, by holding out a bit of paper with the question and other people's writing on. And I didn't interrupt people if they were busy, or at least I tried not to, so the answers are from a subset of people who happened to be around.

Answers included:

Nice meal on Thursday night
Great hotel staff

Opening Ceremony Introduction

The Ceilidh

Couple of votes for Hall Costume Day, specifically getting lots of tokens and winning at it.

People like winning at things, people that won tended to mention it.

Being on stage in the cabaret and
a couple of votes for Captain Tartan

Multiple votes for the saturday night disco (one of my favourites too)

lots of variations on the theme of
bar and chatting with friends, friendly fan discussion

and many saying about the general environment as a safe space where one can be oneself and relax and feel welcome.
From a gender and disability perspective I think it is a nice atmosphere.


I liked the three part make a sci fi pilot, though organised in pieces like that it gained and dropped people more than one double length workshop might have.

Other people liked having so much to do, both presenting panels and seeing them.

Multiple programme streams meant there was always something interesting to do.

One vote for all programs in York, which I think was the one full of games tech?

One said the Fandom Issues panels.

And one small table had people still practising picking locks, which was their favourite new skill of the weekend.

One last vote was for Everything, and they didn't want to leave
... which, overheard by one of the con committee, gave them a frighten, for it was entirely enough work for one weekend as it was...

I greatly appreciate all the work that goes in and how easy it is for a few unexpecteds to knock much to chaos, and have been thinking hard on what I might be able to help with in future. That's a tricky one though because I already run up to my limits at conventions. I couldn't stay to hang around and chat by late Sunday, and I'd had an early night other times too, only lasting as long as I wanted at the disco. But I like the structured interaction of panels so Redemption is a lot of fun.

I'm already paid up for Red 19 and hope to see lots of people there.

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