beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

So far today I got up, felt cheerful and sunshiney, ran the laundry
realised the laundry didn't smell usual and I couldn't remember actually putting clean capsule in it
ran the laundry again...

I also had two goes at breakfast after pausing before eating the first one for a quick 'can you reheat' google. Answers mixed, so, lets say nope.

I'm up to Saturday on tumblr. It makes much more sense to just say sod it and start from now on tumblr, but I've spent two days on this already, so I'm stubborn now. It remains possible I will be a long weekend behind forever.

... and then the Bravissimo catalog arrived and I got distracted by boobs.

What has womens clothing got against sleeves? I understand the gendering around cleavage, but what is up with stupid three quarter length sleeves? There is precisely one garment in this catalog that appears to have full length sleeves instead of those ridiculous things that stop just under your elbow. I mean if gloves were still de rigeur it would vaguely make sense, but they're anything but, and yet, still, no sleeves. Why? Why must womens clothing leave bits of you hanging out somewhere? If it's not cleavage it's back. What if I actually want to cover my body with cloth? Is that not a thing humans do anymore? Or is this some cunning plan of capitalism whereby you have to wear layers upon layers just to clothe all the bits?

... aaaand that's not helping.

ANY way. Woke up cheerful. Have plenty to read.


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