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I'm back

I spent £70 on taxis... no, wait, another £10 in Sheffield... that's a lot of taxi.
But I went to Sheffield and back and had a very good time at Redemption.
I know the organisers would probably have liked there to be more people attending, but it did mean so many small panels I didn't lose the power of speech except in the main hall, in the bar and at the disco.

A lot of people had to cancel at the last minute due to some combination of health, jobs, and transport problems in extreme weather. A lot of those people were scheduled to run panels. I'm rather impressed that things ran as well as they did, given the givens.

I may have accidentally run a panel when we got to the room but nobody was in charge of it. Nudged the conversation along for an hour. Turns out I have at least that much to say about Robot Uprisings, so that was fun.

Also spent three hours across the three days making up a setting and some characters for a science fiction pilot. That was fun too, but because the group was so small everyone got to talk, and there was a bit of loud and less turn taking when people got excited. Guy running it mostly noticed when I'd reverted to holding my hand up, but he was typing our ideas so it were difficult to do both at once. Maybe next time I can bring my keen typing skills? I'm not sure our plot was properly plot shaped even after three hours, and many people came to only two of the panels, but kicking ideas around is fun. Playing 'yes and' is tricky.

I think I spoke up in all the things I went to in the smaller rooms. Which is nifty. I only hope I made sense and wasn't rude. I think I managed. I did start talking ideology in one persons panel on zombies and immortality, and I know in another I interrupted to say 'cis male' at one point and then spent ten minutes telling myself off in my head. ... someone had started saying that motherhood was a uniquely female trait/experience, because only women can get pregnant, and, well, that's... frustrating. But I still should take turns proper.

I didn't make as many notes as usual because I was participating. Also because spinny chairs. In the upstairs room where a lot of the interesting topics were there were spinny chairs. I found I could either be spinning while listening, or concentrating on not spinning. So I sat at the back and tried to spin inconspicuously. which I'm fairly sure didn't work. But I only clunked into the wall a couple of times, so that's fiiiiiine... By Sunday I was mostly over it though, so I have more notes from then.

I'm feeling pretty awesome considering. I couldn't stay at the party or talk in the bar at the end of the con, but everything else I set out to do I did. Winning.

Now I must eat a food with vegetables in it, before I crash.

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