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Packing for Redemption

My best trousers now fit like a sausage case.
I'm never much fussed about my weight, or at least I try not to be, but seeing as I prefer to be sure nothing pops when I sit down I find myself a bit frustrated about the extra inch there.

But this is why I'm trying things on before packing them.
I still have a huge great heap of enough clothes to wear at least two outfits a day all weekend.
And my second best trousers are fine.

My waistcoat for the pirate party is black velvet and has done the thing where something fuzzy but not black has rubbed against one panel.
I have it over the back of the chair, waiting in hope of sellotape, but it's a tiny bit frustrating when I have had it in a draw for ages and should probably have noticed before I put it away.

I had to move a great deal of the bedroom to get at my weapons stash to get a sword out. I have chosen only one. It will suffice.
It will have to, since I've put the things back in front of the cupboard already.
Plus it's a nice one anyway and will match my excellent hat.

I am currently hoping all the aches and pains will wear off before I get started tomorrow.

But hey, packing, progress.

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