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My new dvd player with hdd arrived :-)
My new dvd player has an 88 page instruction manual, all in English :-S
... that's a funny looking smiley. it's meant to be a wibbly mouth of wow how am i meant to understand all that.

i mean I hadn't understood it was primarily a blu ray player and following my brothers advice I didn't need a blu ray recorder means it don't record to dvds either, only USB HDD that has to be 'registered', and registering it deletes everything already on it, so it needs to be a new one.

i mean i've learnt a bunch of things just trying to answer the 'but how do i back it up' question, but still, wow, 88 pages.

I don't have any blu rays but now i could play them if i have them. is ridiculous. i have something much shinier than i know what to do with.

also i thought it had no button for subtitles but it turns out they call it STTL instead of SUBS. Which seems daft but what do I know?

I need a new tv far more than i even need this box, but there were fewer options so this got decided first. so now my brother reckons I should get the same brand of tv so it has only one zapper, which seems sensible.

if i take the instruction book to the tv shop and ask them for a matching one then that should work. but i have to decide sizes. ugh so many.

I don't want devices that listen to you. Or ones with a camera. I don't want my tv to watch me.

I'm also not a fan of... basically any bells and whistles since hd. I mean I mostly watch tv from the 70s of something, why do i need fancy whatsits? well okay possibly not mostly, but I don't really see the advantage of being able to see actors nose hair.

the cleaner has arrived.
they put my five alive in the cupboard, which is nice, it's heavy and i'd not got it further than the hall because carrying 24 cartons one at a time even six feet just seemed like a not particularly urgent thing to do. this way though they're in the cupboard and the hall is nice and empty so it can be vacuumed.

technology is ridiculous and i regret any time i might have got frustrated at Olds not understanding how to work the vcr. I am now an Old and don't know how this new box is going to work at all.

It's supposed to get the catch up channels right in the box, and the bbc iplayer, so i can listen many things as well as watch many things. and in theory it can read music off a usb stick, which would be very handy, since I already have one of those with all the doctor who on, but I'll have to read the instructions carefully if trying it can delete things. and there's a button on the zapper for netflix, which i imagine would be much more useful if i in fact had netflix, but i hear it's nifty so i vaguely thought i might.

i mostly just want it to play all my dvds. it's supposed to do that. if it does that and i can figure out how to set it to record Doctor Who then thwt's basically all I ever asked of the two boxes it's meant to replace.

I can't plug them both in at once though because not enough HDMI places.

I wonder how many HDMI places I can get on one TV. If I want to plug my PC in too - big if - it will need a plug place.

If the recorder box can download stuff can it has antivirus?
it seems like it would need it.
... oh, google tells me of ransomware for smart tvs, so yep it needs antivirus, but i don't see how it can has it...

so now do i need to worry of things being hacked via tv?

the joys of the future.

oh well, i can always plug the old things in again instead.

i shall try and read the instructions before using this thing.

... I may be some time...

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