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for fiction

i know i ought to just make words and se if they're plausible later
i spend so much time looking up rules to see if dialogue is plausible.

like, if someone says they paid £4000 in inheritance tax, and inheritance tax is 40%, then that doesn't look like they inherited gigantic
but it's 40% of whatever is left over after the first £325000
so even paying a taxes at all means they inherited a lot.

also, did you know you can buy a viking ship made of wood with sails and oars, for about £325000?
I don't think they're wandering around in viking ships but I also don't think they're in super fancy age of sail pirate ships, though I suppose they could be. I haven't a clue how much they cost, it's a piece of string question.
but inheriting a portion of one could easily result in paying a bit of taxes.

if i just looked up them numbers correctly
which historically is not a great bet.

Of course that set of pricings assumes that whoever assesses for tax purposes doesn't know it's a magic ship that can sail the multiverse
at which point I think estimating a cost goes a bit binky
like, okay, you could buy wood for repairs, but you cannot buy a ship that crosses the multiverse, so it doesn't really have a basis for comparison.

it would if the government knew about such ships though.
they're not supposed to in that universe, and not just for tax reasons.

... now I'm imagining multiverse Travellers style traders getting done for tax evasion and not declaring where their goods are from in a full and informative manner. I mean countries make trade deals with each other, not each other's alternate universe versions.

I'm vaguely using GURPS rules and I'm sure there's a GURPS cost for a bunch of different ships in Low Tech, but the problem then is the multiverse travelling version is built in a high tech world, out of odd materials, and enchanted, or more specifically made a home for a spirit born of the banestorm. It has to be lined with like a faraday cage of anti banestorm materials, so the humans inside don't unexpectedly age to death, but it can't use the strongest or it'd never get into the storms to travel in the first place. so it is made with lots of hawthorn. which is not typical of ships. so that would have to be worked in over more structural stuff.

I'm bored and would quite like to sleep but it is cleaner day so i must be awake until after the cleaner. so i'm poking imaginary numbers and learning tiny amounts about taxes.

this is not magnificently helpful.

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