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fictional but still annoying

"he hurt people"

speaker has personally witnessed him straight up murder three people right in front of him. would have been many more, without intervention of speaker, including him aiming and firing at speaker's foster dad. we the audience saw two more cold blooded murders as this guy's introduction, and probably a whole bunch more next time he came back. two of what speaker saw you can kind of think of excuses, but one was straight up murdering a guy just to test his gun.

either this fic is secretly very much an au from before the first moment we met villain
or hero is just...
it ends up sounding epically creepy if his newly discovered lust for the guy downgrades all that to 'he hurt people'

dead isn't hurt

dead needs a different phrasing.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm here for stories of dubiously aligned semi allies with a dark past. mixed alignment parties where the ones that call themselves heroes have to be either massive hypocrites or rethinking their whole morals just to work with the other set of people. any time the heroes interact and the one set remember the other set have personally murdered dozens of people before their latest change of heart. the ones that don't bother calling themselves heroes, or would hiss and spit at the label but are being dragged into it backwards, working simply to defend what is theirs but somehow accidentally expanding that ownership until they're protecting the while world... well, those are pretty much decades of my fannish life.

But you can't just sum that all up as 'hurt'. Sure, they hurt people. They also left a trail of corpses with really distinctive causes of death, and yet in both canon and this story, team hero is for some reason not putting them in prison for it.

if the reason why in this fic boils down to wanting to get them into bed
I just

This pushes all the same buttons with me as rl incidents where abuse gets summed up in the most minimising words, like assault and hurt feelings can somehow share a word and a response. this sounds like news reporters about young white men. it's creepy and gross and wrong in an entirely distinct way from acknowledging the past but still giving a chance for a different future.

... I mean there's 'superheroes' on tv who should really be in prison but instead the narrative keeps handing them get out of jail free cards. this isn't just fic doing the thing. but it's creepy.

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