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You know, I do not get the impulse in fanfic to take a villain, a proper scary cold bastard, and then explain how secretly they're a warm fuzzy teddy bear who does all these ordinary people things and would never really hurt people ever.

I mean, if you like a villain, how come you don't like them as a villain?

Plus all the actual issues about the guys, like ones mental illness and how it repeatedly wrecks his life, and the other's childhood trauma and how it makes it impossible to trust or show their feelings, those just vanish in a puff of ooc and suddenly all is baking and actual facial expressions.

I mean I'm not saying bad guys don't cook, several of them canonically cook, it's just that ... okay it's several things at once, not just. Like, cooking has to do with both their traumas, there's fire, there's childhood neglect, there's probably being in charge of that stuff for younger siblings. It should be such rich ground to find the healthier and less villainy coping mechanisms they develop. But instead it's just, like, oh hey they're secretly super normal, please ignore all prior evidence to the contrary, don't worry about the killing people, somehow it is irrelevant. Like, it would be bad enough if being in a relationship magic fixed their mental illness, but no, the fic keeps filing off the mental illness before anyone can love them.

So that's depressing and ablist.

But just, how is it that people want to write the villains as just cutely not villains, instead of exploring the specific concerns of those characters?

If they just want to play fuzzy happy puppets they could do RPF. Or pick other characters by same actors. Ones that already fit their fluffy template.

I'm just filing this along with why write older characters only when you scrub a decade or more off their age - and ffs writers (and real life people who keep mistaking me for 25 wtf) it is not that someone doesn't look forty, of course they look forty, on account of being forty. What is the compliment meant to be in that anyway, oh hey, kudos on not looking like you've done things yet?

Just if they're going to be fans of a character why are they not writing about that actual character?

Trimming someone to fit is creepy.

... and I am grumpy and not really into this pairing at the best of times but can't find more of my favourites and I'm trying to figure if I have enough headache a painkiller is worth it and I just... grump.. Grumble grump.

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