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This was in the supermarket dvd section, and I remembered vaguely intending to watch it for a couple of seasons now, and I've been reading Merlin fanfic and oh look it's him, so, I started watching.

It's about synthetic humanoids, androids, again. And some of them are concious, but they get bought and sold just like the others. And some of them are on the run.

So far I've watched two episodes, and it struck me as very British. But then it turns out to be a remake of something that didn't happen to be in English, so I guess it's not British. But what I meant was it's intelligent, thoughtful, with layered and nuanced characters, and a slow sort of plot. Or, as I felt, from certain angles, a whole lot of fuck all happens, and I got bored.

Which is embarrassing, obviously, because if you asked me what I want from my science fiction I'd probably say something about the social impact of robot replacements would be just the thing, but as it turns out I want tidy slices of problem presented and solved once an hour, preferably involving blowing stuff up.


But it's not just boredom, I was uncomfortable watching it. It was trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Because it's very little about the singularity and advanced technology and suchlike, and a whole lot about the shit humans do to each other, specifically how they/we treat low wage workers. Or there was a whole section about the NHS sending a carer robot in and it deciding it was the boss and make him take meds and decide what food and it could restrain a dude and stop him getting out of bed at night. So it's about how people treat people they've stopped thinking of as people, but as a cog in a transaction, or a faulty part. Disability and class.

From a science fiction point of view it's not doing anything new with that yet, but it's only episode two. It has taken a plenty creepy enough tour of the crappy ways people will treat human looking people who don't fight back, or to their mind don't have the right to.

Don't know as I'm looking forward to watching any more. Might go back to superheroics instead.

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