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I went to the buddhist centre and did a meditate.
I am not very good at sitting still. And their cushions are the special sort that are harder than the floor. And he said at the start that sitting like I chose was only for very flexible people, and I said it's how I always sit at home, because it is, but then I couldn't sit still and felt like I'd been foolish. But I know I couldn't sit still on the chairs or kneeling neither, so, *shrugs*
I ended up a bit grumpy but I started out anxious so technically that's an improvement.

I liked it well enough to go again, but not to say that goes in the routine.

Also it is less fun going at night, because then all the after dark people are around, and you have to figure out which person sitting on the ground in the cold is a danger, or is in danger, or is about to throw up, or you have to cross the road to avoid the probable puke. Daytimes are a bit simpler. So I still hope we can sort out to go in the daytimes.

It took three hours to do a one hour meditate, because of getting there and back. We got there fifteen minutes early with no traffic no delays easy parking in expected place. So we can probably trim that a bit, but not all fifteen minutes.

This is why I wanted to live in Norwich, all the things are there and take two hours of transport to wrap around anything.

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