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Dark Matter season one

I watched the first disc, the first five episodes.
I'm... not hooked.
So it's about half a dozen people who wake up without their memories.
That means they want the audience to be playing detective games too. Which means we'll be wrong if we think we know things. And which presents the characters as puzzles, rather than as people to identify with or, you know, like.
Plus I keep feeling squirmy of something like embarrassment and anxiety, because these characters are crashing around the universe blind, they'd probably know as much useful stuff if they were ported in from this universe, and they probably are doing things their earlier selves wouldn't agree with.
So, it's not a comfortable viewing experience.
But it is interesting.

Plus they have three whole women on the crew, and four men, with a mix of ethnicities. And the show is thrifty, they spend a lot of time with just the main cast in their spaceship. So we get women talking to each other. Which beats baseline. So there's stuff to like.

I just feel off balance along with the characters.

Plus I keep dropping out of the story because the whole thing feels like a vaguely cyberpunk rpg campaign. Corporations, androids, mercs, waking up with memories wiped, a ship they haven't fully explored, it just seems like a game setup. Which would have a different set of goals and expectations to a story we're just going to get told.

All in all, I'm not quite into it.

But I'll watch the rest of it, so, near enough.

Also it suffered a teensy because I've seen two versions two days in a row that one episode where the genre blind crew go into the derelict spacecraft and are shocked - shocked and surprised - when they find zombies. I mean it's such a cliche it don't feel like a spoiler to mention it even. You have a spaceship, you're going to have a presumed abandoned spaceship that is secretly zombies. And I didn't feel like Dark Matter did anything interesting or worthwhile with it, but Killjoys rocked it and showed us a bunch of world. I don't know, Dark Matter was second and didn't seem to do well out of the comparison.

Also I haaaaaaate zombie stories. I was going to put more qualifiers on that but I think I just hate them all. Because whether or not it notices it's about mental illness, it's about mental illness. Because it's people that look like people but don't act like people. Usually in really unsubtle ways, like eating people. And then instead of searching for a cure they're usually treated with a good being killed. Plus the usual 'would you like to die before it takes you' bit treats losing your mind as worse than death. And I just would rudeword about it but it's tiresome.

But it should have been much more interesting and specific to this story. I mean they woke up without their memories, they're on a ship of people who lost their minds, there should be connections both subtle and explicit. But no. There's bullets and treating the zombies as an environmental hazard to be shot a lot.

I wish shows wouldn't specify zombies are a blood borne virus and then shoot them a lot. You know what you get a lot of when you shoot things? Blood! Not clever.

... half of me wants to stop thinking about zombies and the other half wants to make it a much better story about zombies.

I mean if you're going to have main cast survive it then you have the basis for a cure, not a kill it with fire kind of ending.

But I'm not sure said main cast are going to end up being humans, which would be a simpler way to survive human diseases.

Shall see.

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