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Killjoys season one

Have finished watching season one of Killjoys.
Have also looked up when season two is out on dvd and sulked a bit.

They're putting together some proper Story there.

The down sides remain, for me, in that there's not enough women, too many white people, pretty much predictable results for black men, and really a lot of internal organs where you wouldn't want them.

But it starts out with this kick arse premise - bounty hunters who get to go anywhere for the warrant - and then gets proper political about how a system could get there and how that would work out for everyone.

And I like how everything clicks together.

I'm not sure about what the tech level is meant to be. Like, the episode with the torture nanites, all very creepy scary, but then they flush them out of their systems? But the things made them damn near immortal, on the healing phase. And they're old. So are they just not available? Or are our point of view characters not deep thinkers, to consider possibilities? ... no, we know that one, our povs are definitely not deep thinkers, they have to be dragged kicking and screaming into anything like long term thought, and would rather be at the bar. So probably level six and that big red seventeen are the payoff and they're using the nanotech. But then there's the memory cut and pasting, and the problem with that is once they can pastel it's game over. Dollhouse becomes the only important powerhouse of the story. People are reprogrammable. So okay, they have shown us D'av is. (and btw, sci fi name spellings that only show up on the subtitles? Seem like a waste of effort. Give them a meaning or stick with the usual spellings.) And that zombie ship is one failure mode of a looped program. So they're touching the edges. Just, really? If people are programmable and loyalties can flip like that, we are no longer a free willed species, lights out, it's over. I mean even with the older tech they're playing with inhalants. Humans are screwed.

Past a certain tech level the only win is staying a person, is what I'm saying, and it's not plausible.

... this, broadly, is why I gave up aspiring to write SF. Five minutes into the future it's the Matrix, even if it looks live.

I'm used to ignoring the tech level on spaceships. Everything has artificial gravity, inertial dampeners, travel times measures in hours, and a power source involving batteries that can run out and parts you can swap in from a car. Okay.

... but seriously, ???

And if standard procedure is not to salvage perfectly habitable spaceships but instead to blow them up... the hell is up with that? Is that the RAC being manipulative or have they such riches they can just shrug off a whole ship? But we know ships are in a price range can put you in debt forever.

And the economics... humans do the mining? Really? And the harvest? Slavery is cheaper than that tech? But the ship minds are complex enough to have preferences and fill in the blanks in their orders.

The tech level would drive the economics would drive the politics would drive the plot, but I don't know what they're going for. I mean even with the medical stuff, ears are replaceable, wounds are healed with a shiny light, what else is possible? Makes it impossible to figure out the stakes. Or predict much of anything.

That genetically targeted 'bomb' though, that's ridiculous. I mean what markers is it using and how can anyone be confident it won't hit them? Not that people wouldn't try, just that they'd hate the failure modes hard.

Also I'm irritated by inconsistent use of tech. I mean early on everything D'av sees is recorded. If they were all three routinely doing that then they'd have hella blackmail on the powerful by now. And if their comms work then recording should. At least mention that they're hardly ever up.

Okay so that sounds like I'm annoyed with it, but it's more like I like the world enough I'm tying to get a grip on it, and it seems slippery. To the point I can't guess much what might happen next, because with the tech we've seen it should be game over already, so I don't know how they'll get out of it.

But I want to see.

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