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Killjoys season one 1 to 5

I sat down and watched the whole of disc one of season one of Killjoys, five episodes in a row.
And while I did that I did the monday cleaning, because that's just fill laundry empty laundry change program repeat, or dishwasher same. But that made it a very accomplished day, so I win.

... I win with a headache. That feels like too much staring. Maybe my glasses are not quite right? I barely wear them for reading anymore cause they feel odd, but I need them for the TV.

ANYway. Killjoys.

I like it. I don't love it and I only vaguely like the characters so far. Gender is only balanced if you count Lucy the ship. And it does that thing where a woman needs an excuse to be kickarse.

But it's having fun with worldbuilding, there's a bunch of female characters being politicians and so forth, and there's lots of running around shooting things or having horrible things happen to them yet enduring.

It's a bit dark really, it keeps making me ponder what I'd rather be watching instead, with less internal organs showing.

And yet I watched the whole disc in a row, and have only stopped because feeling a bit blergh.

Oh, also? Picture quality as it should be, so it's just Agent Carter discs being wrong.

And the subtitles are excellent, they're the very rare sort that care about where on the screen they are and tell you who is speaking by where they're put. They're a joy to watch. Ten out of ten, would employ whoever did these to resub everything else.

... I get frustrated when this is a thing that can be done, yet subs get thrown on as an afterthought, if we're lucky.

But for true, these are the good stuff.

Maybe I want to watch something where political marriages and trade deals save the day. I don't know, seems like I'd have to go out of genre for that.

But this was good to watch.

Just very biological quite often.

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