beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

I am frustrated by current social media options.
Tumblr is easier to signal boost but impossible to find people on, let alone have a conversation.
DW has the great comment threading capability but takes many taps to make a link to somewhere interesting.

I need to go through that friending post and make more friends who are still here.

also I forgot to join Imzy back when I was asking about it. Is that still a thing? Did everyone go there? If they did they wouldn't be here to tell me so.

I still miss mailing lists and message boards. I mean I'm still on mailing lists and message boards, but everyone else left, usually in the 90s.

also I mostly lurk most places because talking is hard and the idea of friending or even just adding to reading list new people kind of makes me ill of anxious, but that's not a technical problem.

Tumblr is busy and noisy but in a signal loss way. It's easy to keep the queue full and read the dash all day but hard to make meaning beyond oooh pretty.

I'm really glad of Ao3 because I hate to think how fragmented fic could get without it.

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