beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Today is Not Favourite.
I went to the dentist. Successfully. I win.
Now I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned in February.

I do not like the dentist because I forget to bring my letters and there is paperwork to fill in and what if I forget a thing or tick the wrong box somehow and then the appointment is late and I run out of brave before I run out of dentist.
and then there's pokey things to go in your mouth
and those awkward rectangles when they want an xray.

boo. sulk.
and then when I got home I had a letter about ESA but it says I keep getting it so that's okay.
but you know that jump you do when you get the brown envelopes. so that wasn't nice.

I feel I get to sulk for a whole bunch of minutes if I wanna.

But later today there will be proper Thursday, which means Dancing and Shopping, and more Five Alive, and Apple Thing to eat.
That will be better.

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