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Today I dreamt I was woken up by an estate agent showing people around next door
and referring to 'the murder house'
and then being quite a lot closer to my room than I'd expect

so I went to look out the window
and the clients veered off
and the estate agent glared daggers and then got out a leaflet, scribbled something on the back, and handed it to me.

He said to get someone to read it to me
and I thought, the cheek!
Only then I couldn't read it, just the word murder and the general layout of newspaper clippings.

I tried to close the window but it wouldn't stay closed
so I decided to get my stuff together and get out
and my suitcase was red, and trolley was red, and bag was red, and the other bag, and the other, and red red red

and I'm reasonably certain where this was going
so I'm rather glad I woke up.

But if the estate agent's first reaction to a ghost scaring off his clients was to write an angry leaflet
and he'd just walk right up and hand it to the ghost
then he seems quite interesting.

... can't decide if that's more a nemesis encounter or meet cute...

I mean he'd try to get rid of me, obviously, but then if he couldn't sell the house he'd move in, and one way or another we'd end up haunting it together. obviously.

And the bit where I couldn't read seems like a horror story, but hopefully I just couldn't read news about me.

Or the estate agent would read for me, or get me a lot of books on tape.

... quirky undead romance is more my kind of story than implacable enemies. I mean even if he was spite haunting the house he could never sell we'd have to get along eventually. Nicer if we managed while we were a mixed vital status relationship.

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