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Time is sneaky and happens when you're not paying attention.
Which is my only explanation for where today went.

I did thinking about gendered clothing in a system where the default gender is person. Like, maybe it's subtle? Maybe mix and match is so normal that most of what we'd call gendered differences are just, you know, stuff? Maybe it's all down to where you wear your sporran. Or if you've got a belt knife or a chatelaine.

doing thinking is another way to not do writing though.
must get better at that.

Lirael turns out to start off with the main character waking up on her fourteenth. birthday and deciding to kill herself, which ... was a bit challenging to read. So I put it down for a while and went over Legends of Tomorrow plots and fixits in my head. Which ate a chunk of time. When I picked it up again I got as far as her being a Librarian now, so presumably it all gets better for her from here. Hope so. Books need better trigger warnings.

On the up side the back exercises the doctor said to do are getting into my routine pretty good, I think. I mean it's closer to alternate days than daily, but considering exercise and indeed movement is a bit new, doing pretty well. There's also lots more exercises to do on the nhs website, without needing weights or anything. So if I want to do more I can.

I do not think exercise will give me a chest like Captain America but it's nice to have goals. Honestly, he seems to have plenty enough boob for most days. Like, I can see how power girl worthy ones are fun at parties, but most of the time it would be more convenient to be Cap shaped.

First though, moving around on a regular basis, maybe sitting in the front room instead of in bed. If I remember to close the doors and wear the fluffy socks it can be very plenty warm in the front room. In this weather that's much nicer.

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