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Today there is still a Snow warning and an Ice warning and later a Wind warning, which makes it very good weather for Not Going Anywhere, as far as I can tell.

We should have long winter holidays for staying inside in the warm. Much simpler.
... yes I know I have permanent holiday. I just know lots of other people are outside in the weather.

So yesterday I hatched a cunning plan to get my shopping delivered, which doesn't solve the juice problem but fixes all the other foods.

Trouble was it backfired a bit, because my credit card decided the supermarket were secretly pulling a fast one and phoned me at 0800 to warn me about the fraud. So then the supermarket phoned at a bit past nine to tell me my card was declined, but then it worked when they ran it again, so hopefully that's sorted. And then the delivery dude phoned to say he was early, which was fine, but I do wonder sometimes why they give you a one hour timeslot when half an hour early can happen.

But now I have food and apple pastries and I ate the nice foods for lunch.

So either the weather will be frightful and I'll stay home but have plenty of foods
or it'll be surprise okay and I'll get to go to dancing lessons and then have apple pastries for a second time.

But also today there were people who asked if I wanted a copy of the Watchtower, and then corrected themselves cause the one they had wasn't called that any more.

And there's an email that my Amazon order is out for delivery, so I probably shouldn't just go back to bed.

I feel that is maximum phones. Maximum. For one day.

And yet I fully expect at least one more phone call to say yea or nay on the transport this evening.

Eh, I'm dry, I'm warm, I have choices for supper, it's all good really.

And I'm reading Sabriel, which I haven't read in long enough I can't remember it, and it is pretty okay.
... I keep getting distracted by my own plot bunnies. which is kind of cool though, at least they remain interesting to me.

shall see how the day goes.

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