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Something blinky and buzzy is happening to the power in here. Bit not good.

I have been typing Many Words, but it isn't story all in a row, because I wanted to calculate someone's age and that meant figuring out the whole entire political system and if his wife is in fact royalty, or if they even have royalty.

I'm not sure if there's a Queen as such, but I've decided that whoever leads, they're chosen by the Wise from among the Worthy, so it isn't as simple as primogeniture, even the matrilineal kind. So I don't have to decide if Morgan is in fact a princess, I just know that she's doing something grand enough that if it works it'll be a major factor in deciding if she's Worthy, or even Wise.

... I did not know I needed to know this about Morgan, but I'd given the endeavour a large bit of land in a city, and then made it complicated to even hold land, let alone a large bit in a city.

It's all boring fiddly bits right now but it'll make Morgan much more interesting when she turns up again. ... she's Sleeping Beauty, Druid Edition, right now. Probably at one with a tree somewhere, or being a rock, or something.

Imagine a society where you need property and inheritance law that can account for the fact that sometimes your nobles just end up in a time out, being a tree.

That seems like quite a difficult thing to account for.

But in practice I guess it's like someone going abroad and losing contact for years. Like, you could assume they're dead, but if they turn up again you have to be able to unassume it.

... sometimes I sit down to write a romance with wizards and end up wondering if I should study existing law.


I wrote many words but not strictly speaking of story.

Shall do better later.

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