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Today has been a bit not awesome. I got the cleaner day basics done, but haven't done vacuum cleaner, again. because headache, so I've pretty much been curled up in bed hoping the neighbours and their tv and their plumbing could be less loud.

also looking on rightmove for bungalows, because a girl can dream.
... that particular dream costs £315,000 at the moment, unless I want to be so far out of town I'd have trouble getting buses in the evening, let alone figuring out how to navigate.
but I don't need to worry about that part because it's all ridiculously impossible anyway.

I would like a path along which I can achieve my small and practical dreams.
Like, people can get a job and save up moneys and get a nice place to live in a nice area, in theory.
I would like that sort of hypothetical construct, more plausible than the ones that include winning on the premium bonds, that I myself can get to from here.

because that would be nice.

I suppose if I actually write a thing it could in theory make a money, but honestly, that almost never happens.
still. write a thing seems mostly possible from here.


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