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Things I have learned for writing today

How to swear in three different languages. Badly, of course. But, swears in Latin, Greek and Hebrew were acquired.

Latin was so far the easiest to find. Romans had opinions.

I have also learned the word count button in Open Office on my computer does not want to count words. I mean, it's fine, I don't need to know, I logically can survive without... but it says it's either 750 or 1200 words I did today, and I'm sulking because I'm sure I worded real good and it should tell me so.

... actually the words are not very good, I started in the wrong place even if it's a good visual, logically I should delete the paragraphs before the main character hits the screen or else it makes the ship look too important for this stage of the story, but I have so seldom made words I'm just keeping these. so.

I have decided the only way to break a three year writers block is to discard all standards and just write whatever is in my head, then treat it as raw materials. All first drafts, when written, are perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist. Once it does it can be sculpture or canvas or scaffolding, but until it does it's sheep in the mist and no use to anyone. So. I shall word.

this time for reals.


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