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Have watched the last episode of season two of the librarians
sort of
because the joke of much of it seemed to be that the actor was pretending to be a terrible actor, and that's just embarrassment squick territory for me.
also their Shakespeare seemed out of character?
which is a weird thing to say.
So there were only bits of it left to like.
I liked the time travel shenanigans. the joke with the first time traveler picture was hilarious. the time machines the library has in storage including the TARDIS and that car seemed cheeky, but since the entire season has been about magic potentially brining fictional characters to life, it's entirely logical. and the eventual solution was elegant and fair play.
Also I like the idea of the quotes the Librarians used
but I had been hiding from the embarrassing bits so much I wasn't feeling it.

Also I'm sure it makes sense of you've watched the things he was in before, but the thing where Flynn turns up to save the day for the finale feels really weird if you've only seen the series. I mean, he's not a regular, and yet, it's his show. Except he's also the comic relief, and sometimes love interest, so it don't feel entirely wonky. Just weird.

I now want to see season three. which exists. more than half the episodes already. just not here. in the uk. where I know how to get it.

DVDs are increasingly yesterday's tech, and yet, they're what I have the hang of.

I feel increasing sympathy for generations of olds before me.

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