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I have been thinking about immortality
as you do
and I have been thinking that I have an ongoing tendency to invent characters that are immortal and unaging
and then they get to run around history and have grand epic adventures that cover centuries and so forth.

But every character of that sort I've invented has been unaging at the age I was at the time.

Which feels like a good sign, really.

Like, okay, I am forever scared that what happens next will be some kind of awful, as a baseline I could really do better, that part doesn't rock.

But I've always been fine at the age I actually am.

And you couldn't pay me to be twenty again. I mean, enough to change the world, obviously, I could make many sacrifices in exchange for Stark level riches or enough to get local housing fixed, but just, logical ordinary money? To look twenty? Ugh, like wearing school uniform forever, I've had that nightmare.

Obviously bodies that heal fast and get fit quickly are superior, but I've had a couch potato body that feels vaguely ill a lot since pretty much always. I don't yet feel like health and age correlate. So that's something to look forward to.

... aaaaand we're back to vague panic...

but, you know, so far so good. I can live with this. I like the silver and the sagging, shows I've lived here.

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