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librarians season two

Today I did a meeting, watched a bunch of The Librarians, and ate food at appropriate intervals.

My plan to buy a packet of dark chocolate biscuits so I could eat one at a time has hit the small snag that biscuits are delicious. I ate Many. This may go poorly.

Actually I'm sitting here feeling super anxious and like sky is falling, so it's possible something is already going poorly, I don't know. Probably things remain thing like, but I have worries and worries right now. Unhelpful.

There are not many episodes of The Librarians in a season. Which is annoying, for they are excellent fun. Also I do not get tired of staring at Kane.

Probably I will watch the last episode in a minute, but when I do I'll have run out until the current season is on DVD, so I stopped in an attempt to ration them.

I like how they give an impression of a big magical world but do a lot with a little. The video game episode was cool and full of feelings and required a real minimum of sets, because loops. I like how their happily ever afters have to be so hugely exaggerated because their regular selves are really pretty implausible. And as ever I'm all <3 at stories where team will do anything, risk anything, sell their souls and jump off stuff and give up their happy endings, all for their team and because they trust them. But they've also got character development and a bit of a big bad and such. Many sorts of fun. Every episode leaves me full of :-D , which is all I ask of them.

... and now I really want to watch the last episode.

... I will go read the internet instead, and see if I can wait until tomorrow.

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