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The Librarians season 2 episode 3

The thing with characters having seriously overlapping issues with your own is it makes them harder to watch but when they win it is so, so satisfying.

It was hard watching Jacob Stone go home and talk to his father, from the first time he knew to go look for him at the nearest bar. The way his pop knocked his hand away escalated to him threatening to hit him, and that... I was pretty much made of 'fight me' on his behalf by then. Nobody gets to do that.

But then by the end, Stone has realised that. Nobody gets to do that. That guy just isn't relevant any more. He can tell him so to his face and just walk away.

I did arms like *\o/*

All the bits in between where he's trying to hide his academic achievements and burning through the layers of lies he's told himself, that was differently awkward. Because it comes down to him being afraid to fail. I hear that. But he's already succeeded wildly, so. It's still liberating when he types his own name.

Cassandra's secret though, I kind of hate that. It's not bad writing, but I want to reach in and shake her. Control isn't worth giving up a minute.

The thief having the fewest lies to tell was funny though :-)

I liked this episode a lot and feel full of happy lightness now.

In other news the tablet computer came with a keyboard dock, and it has turned into a cranky bastard of a thing when I wasn't using it. I don't know why. It wasn't greatness to start with, but now it keeps on randomly either not typing or screaming the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and it takes a dozen tries to get it to dock right at all, and it'll only work at certain angles, not the one I'd like it at. Going to have to take it to the shop. Which is irritating. But I didn't end up using it half as much as I thought, not hardly at all, because annoying though it is to try and type on a touchscreen, it's still less hassle than finding the keyboard and putting up with its quirks. Even at its best it won't always hit the space bar and randomly decides I tapped the touchpad instead.

And I wrote that much about it partly as a test drive. Because it is being annoying. And random.

Back to the touchscreen way. *sigh*

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