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Writing tuition from my subconscious

Dreamt I was back in college taking more units, even though even my dream knew I have in fact got my degree.
... even my dream didn't move on to postgrad qualifications.

I was in some variety of writing class, and it was being taught by Michael Fassbender.
Or someone played by him, anyways.
Which many could consider distracting, but a veteran of many conventions and several teacher crushes can of course ignore it to get at the good learnings.

For some reason I was the only one answering questions in class.
I've had lessons like that before though. You stay quiet long enough to give other people a chance, the teacher will ask them directly sometimes, and if that isn't working, well, time for thoughts out loud.

I liked the bit in the dream. We had been writing scenes of dialog set in some kind of science fiction, not exactly awesome yet because students, but some interesting ideas. And then the teacher pointed out we'd been assuming the government was human. And most people looked blank but I was like ooooh, fun. Shall we mislead the audience too? Let's build a future power structure made of mostly assumptions! How to mislead in a movie? Have a lot of background audio, radio, news, stuff like that, but also basic computer voice, future Cortana or whatever. And cast the same person to do most of those voices, though letting them do whatever voices they can. Some of them sound very computery. Why not use actual computer voice? Same reason I don't in class, it's very monotonous even at its modern best and nobody much listens to it. So, cast one actor, let the audience assume we're being cheap, then it turns out thegovernment is being cheap and we've been listening to the Universal Translator on default settings. Introduce aliens of whatever visual stripe we please. And use it to talka bout, I don't know, colonialism is obvious, but ablism and so forth as well.

Because aliens could routinely have twice our IQ, or subconsciously discriminate against our lack of green people, or maintain we obviously can't rule when we lack the ruling genders.

It would be fun.

So in the dream I'm thinking all this aloud and everyone else, well, isn't loud. And the lesson is more of a chat between me and the teacher. Only while I'm bouncing back and forth between the walls on a float chair above everyone's heads, because dream.

Then it gets to the end of the class and the teacher rattles off something about assignments due and reading for next week and how there's still some people who haven't picked up their readers, what are we even doing? And I'm like ooh, yeah, pass me mine... and the whole class is like Whaaa? and there is whining. So much whining. Because how am I that good if I haven't done any reading?

And I point out that I've actually done the whole degree, and a lot of reading on writing independently, and have twice as much experience as any of them due to being the same age as their teacher.

Really I shouldn't be in this class, but it looked like fun.

... it has been a while since awake me thought a class looked like fun. I should look stuff up again and think on it.

So, anyway, dream. Dream me needed to get changed before going home, because Reasons, so waited in the classroom until everyone was gone and happily swapped clothes... then turned around to realise the teacher had walked back in. Oops? So later, instead, I hid around a corner, and therefore was there when he and his advisor walked in in the middle of a chat. Apparently someone he was teaching was driving him nuts. In a good way. But nuts. Because student. And advisor was all, well, if you're that crazy about them then there's two options. One is to get out of teaching - if it is an eighteen year old get out of teaching... no? Good. The other is to wait until the end of term when they've got out of learning. And then you can take them out and see if the dish only looked good or you really do want to eat it.

... and the dream was way funnier than that, because they'd been using food metaphors throughout, which was not a subtle code, and was either hilariously irrelevant or really dirty, depending how your brain is tuned, and since we're all English students here and can know a sex metaphor when we hear it... I gave up at that point and started giggling.

And there was a contemplative sort of pause and the advisor added that it is of course important to wonder if they find you delectable too...

And teacher Fassbender sighed and looked all woebegone and said hibye to me cause now I was leaving for the week.

And hilarious romcok can ensue! Lovelorn teacher... wait, what does Lovelorn mean anyway? Etymologically? ... Later, I should be getting up now. ANYways, Fassbender the teacher, all sighs because he thinks I know he was talking about me, seeingas I'm the only one in the class his age, and he thinks I was laughing at the idea of him having a crush on me, whereas of course it wouldn't occur to me anyone would have a crush on me, so I was simply giggling at their transparent code.

... so that means I was amused by how easy they were to understand, while not in fact understanding them.

So the rest of the term would be me vaguely attempting to do the assessment, but not really worried about it because as mentioned I already got a first, and just turning up to class to bat ideas around with interesting teacher. And then when we're all graded and graduated, I... would not hit on him at the graduation party, partly because I never went to one, partly because the truly mortifying story of the year someone waited for the party to declare their undying love for the Cultural Studies teacher is so scandalous as to live eternal and prove a salutory lesson for students.

Huh, I don't actually see a way that would work out well.

... okay, now I'm awake, how about... turns into a writer and actor thing? Like, I write that script we've been bouncing around, he has to stay involved because credits, maybe he's obvious for main cast, and then of course workplace romance as equals is way less awkward than the whole student and teacher thing.

... that would require my script to both get finished and be any good at all, but, it is a dream.

Plus I'm sure trying to impress someone particular would be wonderfully motivating.

Awake me though is rather less sure of my target. Could I not dream crush on someone nice who plays good guys?

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