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X Men Apocalypse

There's a trend in fiction that creeps me the hell out: where the victim secretly just wants to be the villain. I see it in the Arrowverse repeatedly where someone who has been burnt just wants to watch the world burn. But it's pretty much the defining feature with Magneto. For every way the world wrongs him he gives it back tenfold. And it scares me, not because Magneto is frightening, but because somehow there's people who will look at someone the world repeatedly screws over and only wonder when they'll screw them right back.

Magneto's story doesn't make me afraid of him, it makes me want to punch some writers.

I neither know nor care how many times in comics canon women die to fuel his angst, we need to stop doing that. Just put a ban on fridging any more characters. It has been done too much.

There were some really odd choices in this movie, especially about family, who knows and who tells. I mean I'd have thrown something if the movie tried to even hint that the way to get over losing a daughter was to discover a son, so thankfully they didn't go there, but then what exactly was Peter doing there? And the apparent resolution of the two franchise custody dispute over the twins is unsatisfying. Also, Mystique and Nightcrawler interact again in a movie that made a big deal of family again and once again... nothing.

The Wolverine cameo was simply odd. Does he have a contract or something?

The structure was clunky and piecemeal and I don't know why they shuffled the characters quite that way at several points.

Stopping everything to do the superspeed evacuation sequence was visually stunning, and I adored it when I saw it in its own, but I didn't feel it belonged. I mean that was the big moment for that character, it wasn't an introduction to his powers, he didn't get better than that.

We got more connection to the students quicker in the first movie, and without that they're cardboard damsels. Only one person's powers were useful in the blow up? Really?

Also blowing up the school and yet having it fixed by the last scene was just... are we supposed to react? I mean, if it's that simple, it's a shrug of a thing.

I have no idea who two of those 'horsemen' were as people rather than powers or why they'd side with Apocalypse. I mean it seems like a big decision. Or mind control, but if he could do mind control why did he need Charles?

Also, as powers, the one with the wings was really unimpressive. I saw how they set him up as bookend duels with Nightcrawler, but I didn't see how either of them learned a thing in between or reacted different the second time, so why bother?

I got that feeling about a bunch of things, why bother. But then they were directly quoting by the end, showing Eric rebuilding the school with Jean for Charles, and the answer seems to be: it's fixit fic.

And as such I can see the point in what they did for one character.

Weird and frustrating though I found many of the parts of this movie, I found myself forgiving it all for what they did with Jean.

I don't know if they did right by her compared to the comics, but the movies had a lot to answer for, and answer this did.

Women with power: you don't got to fear them losing control, you don't got to fear their anger. This time, they rise.

And that makes all the difference.

Superhero movies mostly make me want to get my hands on them and do them right.

But I keep going back to them because the bits they get right soar.

I look forward to the next one doing more.

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