beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Christmas Doctor Who

Not only am I not impressed, I'm actually kind of angry.
There's a guy that dies first. That the Doctor hears is in danger, sees being locked in, and ignores. Someone the Doctor doesn't even try to save.
Guess the color of his skin?

in a just world you shouldn't have enough information, and yet.

So the black guy dies and then spends the episode as a bad guy.

and i don't see how this episode has redeeming features.

the jokes about x ray vision go too far. and the superman as a nanny story didn't have much if anything to do with the Doctor, or need to be Doctor Who. the Doctor's questions about when did he have time to himself and angry pointing out you never leave a baby alone and the ongoing betrayal inherent in being a nanny that keeps going across town, it never got addressed or resolved. if it was supposed to be about the Doctor being away twenty four years and back on duty now then that doesn't work at all for a time traveller. and what was Nardole even doing there? no personality, didn't do anything unique, barely had actions, nothing that we haven't seen the Doctor manage alone, conveyed information at the end that could have gone on a sticker.

plus what was with the gay stereotyping joke? I don't even know what it was trying to do. unless the whole joke is haha someone asked if he's gay.

the whole episode was clunky and splodged together and boring.

and there was one speaking female character, to five main men and some random lines from more.

I expect better from Doctor Who.

I require better.

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