beccaelizabeth (beccaelizabeth) wrote,

Christmas Achieved :-D

We did a christmas quite successful

I cooked quorn pretend chicken and steamfresh vegetable bags, and mum brought gravy and roast potato, and we had mince pies and mum had a pudding.

and my brother who isn't here phoned and talked, so that was nice, even though I never think of conversation when it's him.

and we unwrapped all the presents
and I got precisely the dvds I aent amazon links for, yaays
so that's Agent Carter season two, and Star Trek Beyond, and a three pack of Ghostbusters.
Also mum found Rey in the supermarket so I have a Star Wars hero too :-)

then we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, as is proper

and then we'd been being social for three hours and declared Christmas Achieved
so usual brother can go home with his presents :-)

I got a present from the dancing teacher also, so I have chocolate christmas shapes biscuits, which is win.

The new table functioned excellently, even in the confined area currently available. Once it was folded open mum and brother couldn't get out, but it folded away easy once we cleared it, and it was plenty big enough for all of us and the bowls to serve from. This is new for my house. I like it.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and have a nice day everyone.

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